Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My life has been really tough the last two months. My boyfriend took off to India, my grand grand mother died, my dog was killed by another dog and I've had a lot of personal stuff going on. I've been really confused and I've felt so alone. In two months I'm gonna send my application to the university for the second time, and I'm not even sure that that's what I want...

Monday, 14 March 2016

Troye Sivan

I've heard a lot about Troye Sivan since his album came out, but I've never actually heard his music, because I hate listening to new music haha. Yesterday I was bored and didn't know what to hear, so I searched him on Spotify, and I'm already in love with his music. If you haven't heard about him before you should definitely listen to these three really different songs from him:

Sunday, 13 March 2016

10 facts about me

1. I'm very spontaneous.
2. I love writing - novels, poems, I don't care.
3. I'm a hopeless romantic and my boyfriend thinks it's cheasy
4. I listen to music every day and I love dancing in front of my mirror to Tiƫsto.
5. I have a personality disorder but it doesn't define me it's just a part of me.
6. My whole life I've wanted to move to Paris. 
7. I daydream a lot and even more when I'm in class. 
8. I clean out in my closet once a week and throw away 30% of my clothes.
9. I'm very good at learning new languages. I speak French, Danish and English (and some Spanish)
10. I spend all my money on clothes, shoes and makeup...

Monday, 8 February 2016

Feeling sick...

Saturday night I rushed to the hospital with my mum and boyfriend because I felt really sick. I had stomach pains, nausea and I felt dizzy. Every time I moved the pains got worse, and I couldn't stand up or move without feeling like I had to faint.
When it all happened I was pretty sure I was going to die because it hurt so much. It's a little bit better now, but it still hurts a lot and I can't do anything but lie in bed all day, I can't eat or drink, and I feel so exhausted. Actually I planned on doing some videos for my YouTube channel this week, but that's not going to happen :/
The doctors took a some tests, but it didn't show anything. They only showed that I had no infection, so it's not a kidney infection or something. But it could still be kidney stones (you can get kidney stones from the pills I'm taking for migraines, so it wouldn't surprise me) or gallbladder stones, which it probably is, so atm. I'm taking medication for that. If I continue having pains or the pain gets worse I shall go back to the hospital... I'm just afraid it could be something worse, but I think that's normal.

Monday, 1 February 2016


I just realised how long time it's been since the last time I posted on this blog. I haven't had a lot to post about - I've been trying to not spend money since I don't have any, and I need to save money for Roskilde Festival in July, so I can't post about what I just bought, and my outfit of the day pictures never turn out that great.
Saturday I went to a psytrance concert with my best friend and some of her friends - it was called 'elements' and it was so crazy. I've never been to such thing before, but I'm sure I'm going again next time!
All the pictures I took turnt out really bad, because there was dark and I was dancing while taking them, so these were the only two good pictures, but I've made a video, so check it out:
This week is going to be great as well - tonight I'm going to see my best friend, tomorrow my boyfriend, and friday I'm going out with some of my best friends from high school!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I got my things from Asos yesterday! I was so excited and it all fit except for the bodysuit, which I'm really sad about because I thought it was really cool... Oh well, that's how it is when you buy stuff on the internet...

I really love the jeans, they're so cool! I was afraid they would be too small (I bought size 8 UK, but I was not sure if I should buy size 10 because I've gained weight...) but actually they're a bit loose, so I'm glad I didn't buy them in a bigger size. And they were only 14$!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Tumblr inspiration

None of these pictures are mine. If any of these pictures are yours and you want me to remove them, please comment and I will remove them immediately.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Favorite tracks at the moment

I love electronic dance music. My favorite edm musician is definitely Madeon! I listen to electronic music almost every day - it makes me happy and wanting to dance. These are some of the songs I've been listening to the most the last week:

New year

This is the first post in the new year. I didn't do much new year's eve, actually I stayed in most of the night and I only went out for a couple of hours with my best friend to see the fireworks. This year I didn't go to any parties because I just started on medication so I couldn't drink </3 This is a picture of my makeup on new year's, and a picture of me and my best friend:

Seeing her was really fun, though. Her boyfriend was there too, we listened to music, talked and it was fun although I couldn't drink. I hope I can go to a party next year - actually my boyfriend said we should go to a party together next year, so I hope for that. Now it's 00 am, everybody is going to sleep because christmas break is over and they have to get up early tomorrow to go to school and job. And then there's me... I just dropped out of university and I have nothing to do tomorrow morning. Now I'll watch an episode of Doctor Who and try to forget about my current situation lol.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Asos shopping

I really need new clothes. I haven't bought new clothes since I was in Paris last month, and since that I haven't bought new clothes since... I don't even remember! I'm so tired of all my clothes and nothing fits anymore, so here is some of the things I bought on Asos today:

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